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Professional Roles

Features Writer

2022 - Present

- Work with the editorial team to develop a plan of action

- Pitch article ideas regarding film/television/industry news

- Accept editorial pitches regarding film/television/industry news

- Edit articles based on editorial needs

- Work on tight schedule to deliver articles on weekly basis

Articles · Creative Ideation · Content Development· Editing

Content Creator
Addiction Recovery

2022 - 2023

- Partner with 5+ clients at one time

- Pitch new client-specific blogs and articles

- Write over 40 new blogs/articles/webpages per month

- Edit each blog/article/webpage

- Work on tight schedules and delivered before appointed deadlines

Blogs · Articles · Webpages · Creative Ideation · Content Development

Addiction Recovery

2020 - 2021

- Pitched 300 article/blog ideas regarding eldercare/dementia

- Wrote 300 articles/blogs regarding eldercare/dementia of 900-1200 words
- Liaised with editors for pitch-perfect tones as needed for a variety of topics
- Developed writing style to connect properly with the target audience
- Aided fellow writers using my own experiences to elevate their writing

Blogs · Articles · Webpages · Creative Ideation · Content Development

Eldercare Resource

2021 -  Present

- Create website at

- Research a variety of topics relating to eldercare and dementia

- Write topical blogs about various elements of dementia

- Write and produced over 160 videos regarding dementia for at-home caregivers

- Write and recorded Audio Answers for people unable to read
- Add over 27,500 followers and over 1,000,0000 views since starting this service utilizing the TikTok application @elder_advice

Video Editing · Social Media Marketing · Web Content Writing · Customer Experience · Content Development

KBS Coordinator
Wegmans Food Markets

2014 - 2019

- Oversaw a team of 10+ Knowledge-Based Service (KBS) employees

- Developed team ranging in age and initial abilities

- Created schedules for demonstrations

- Established proper safety and cleanliness guidelines
- Advised 9+ departments on the proper use of KBS employees

- Created plans for each department's sample program

- Wrote KBS plans for special events and programming

Team Leadership · Customer Experience · Content Development · Planning

Associate Community Manager

2010 - 2012

- Established private online research communities to test new concepts and products.
- Developed weekly communications to members

- Created original community-building/research-based activities

- Encourage members to create their  own, original content
- Implemented member retention efforts/community refresh processes/appreciation

- Partnered with team members on design and logistics

Web Content Writing · Customer Experience · Webpages · Creative Ideation · Content Development

Producer/Member Resource

2006 - 2008

- Wrote and developed content including blogs/image galleries/how-to guides

- Created daily homepage images, teases, and features

- Established public online discussion groups for the Baby Boomer audience
- Culled best user-generated content/researched images/designed dynamic graphics
- Created multiple programs and games for users

Web Content Writing · Customer Support · Webpages · Creative Ideation · Content Development

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