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Creative Writing Portfolio

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College Boy

A young man in his last semester of college in 2003 finds that he has far more to learn before making the leap into real life.

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Kill Me On A Monday Morning

A novel about a troubled young man hiding in a slum and escaping his life.


The Tenth Year

and other stories

Ten stories including: Watching for Cats, A Cruel Reign, and Uncommon Salt.

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Cosmic Johnson

A Children's book about an inept spaceman tries to save a princess.  But she may end up saving herself!

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The Angel Exchange Program, Book 1: The Devil's Ministry

Adam is an angel sent to hell in the exchange program.  But he's a little too good at brainstorming punishments.


Watching for Cats

Chiaki spends a rainy day thinking about her friends in the alley outside her window.


Lee LaMarche

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