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Screenplay by Lee LaMarche

Watch our pitch:

A short film with enormous potential

For me, the journey to Bruisers began while writing a much longer hitman film.  However, that film has such a wide scope that it seemed better to take its essence and make what will be a 12-minute short.  This way, people will not only have something fun to watch but also a proof of concept for something even bigger.

These characters, Deandre and Hank, are meant to look like polar opposites.  Hank is a white guy who dresses like a slightly shlubby lumberjack.  Deandre is a clean-cut black guy who takes much better care of himself.  The two of them have been working together for years, with Deandre being more of the brains and Hank being a bit more muscle.  However, through their interactions throughout the film, it becomes obvious how close a relationship they have. 

My goal is to have a small crew, two-man cast, and just enough time to make something we can be proud of, that can showcase the screenplay and these characters, and have something on film that can be shown both online and to possible future investors in a longer project featuring these characters.


Amount raised:

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